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These pages are a constant work in progress. Currently uploaded are my lesson plan templates with Arkansas and National Music Standards for each grade. Also, I have a few K-4 PDF lesson plans uploaded. Please feel free to download them, print them, use them, take ideas from them, and change them to fit your specific style! They are located in the drop-down menu beneath the “Lesson Plans” tab in the upper right. Just click on the grade desired!

Also, several lessons can be used in other grades depending on what level your students are. So, some I have posted in multiple grades. Or, if you like a lesson geared toward the younger grades, you can always add something more challenging to it for your older students.

On my lesson plans, I include a couple resources and abbreviations that may peak your curiosity when you see them. Here they are with a link to where to get them/learn about them:

RRR = Rockin’ Rhythm Rap (learn more or purchase it here or here)

Echo Chain = A way to warm-up voices and teach solfege pitches/hand signs at the same time. I cannot find this resource online, but students echo a 4 pitch pattern and follow along with a chart.

Expectations Rap = Be Respectful! Follow Directions! Raise Your Hand and Wait Your Turn! Always Participate! Stay In Your Seat! Huh!

Sitter Chant = 1, 2, 3, 4, Put your sitter’s on the floor, Fold your hands into your lap, Now before I clap clap clap!

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